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What is the role of a Holistic Practitioner ?

While physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths are excellently trained with the musculoskeletal system, but since they just work on a mechanical level it would be best suited to seek additional assistance with a Kinesiologist. Who will able to unravel the MIND BODY CONNECTION towards your physical ailment. It is known that our body stores all our emotions, kinesiologists while working structurally with the body, we are also trained with many techniques to address the underlying cause that is stopping the body to naturally heal itself.

Our end goal is to find the stress that created your emotional, or physical concern.

Once we have figured that out we then create positive affirmations, learn knew habits and find alternative tools to cope with the stress, which then will assist in helping to resolve the symptoms that you come to me with.

· My role is not to fix, or diagnose your disease.

· My role is to understand.

That is why when a client comes to me with a disease without first being checked by a doctor, under my code of ethics and personal professional obligation I will not be able to treat them.

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