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Client Testimonial
Candy Cotton



Upon seeing Esther, I was in a really poor and desperate state. I have suffered with chronic back pain for the last 2 years and have sought treatment from physio's, osteopaths, podiatrists, GP's, acupuncturists and massage therapists, only to have pain remain a constant problem for me. Strangely however, after seeing Esther for just two sessions, my pain has drastically reduced to the point of almost not even being aware of it on a daily basis.  A shift happened for me and healing has finally been able to take place. I can't thank Esther enough for the amazing work she has done for me in facilitating my healing through the mind-body connection. If you are struggling with pain and want genuine solutions, do yourself a favour and reach out to Esther. You won't regret it

Luke Jesionkowski


 From Sarah Susanna - Model 

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Briony Pilkington - Body Psychotherapist  

Thank you Esther, I came to you with the most intense pain in my back I’ve had in my life and your strong, clear presence and guidance allowed me to expand beyond the pain and make it feel small! I can now feel a true experience of surrender, compassion and unconditional love after letting go the deep seated feelings of disgust and shame that were holding my body and subconscious hostage. It’s been brilliant to have had a number of sessions with you now - I appreciate how your personal experience has filled the deep intention for healing of myself as a client much gratitude. 

Pui Wong - Holistic Kinesiologist 

I most definitely recommend Esther. What a powerful and empowering treatment. Esther is very fascinated with the human body and mind; we are working together on my Scoliosis. I have tried many therapies and I have found Esther's treatment to be moving and most effective. She is very passionate and understanding. I am so happy that we had connected and looking forward to our next work.

Tim Goble - Holistic Kinesiologist 

Thanks to Esther for such a powerful insightful kinesiology session the other day. Esther was able to make me feel comfortable and relaxed and had great skill in determining the underlying issue for my condition. Her skilful questioning allowed me to understand what I thought my problem was, was actually related to something completely different. She had an amazing ability to show me how my mind and emotions were affecting my physical condition. I came away feeling calm, relaxed and in control of my own health. I highly recommend Esther to anyone looking to transform their life through the mind/body connection. Thank you Esther! 



Jillian Blackall - Business Analyst

Esther has helped me a lot even just having one session with her. She has helped to heal a knee problem I have had for 30 years that I thought was only going to keep getting worse. For the first time I was able to walk up a hill without being in pain.I have been noticing after my session with her not only physically I am feeling better, but also emotionally feeling more confident within myself and having more energy and vitality.

I strongly recommend Esther's services. 



Kinesiology Transformation Session (face to face)   

From Jules Truo

Kinesiology Transformation Session (face to face)   

From Patty Jintanaroj

Kinesiology Transformation Session (face to face)   

From Camellia Agnes Thistleton

Live interview from Saba Rasool a professional dancer
about experiencing her very first Kinesiology Transformation session with me 

It was my first time experiencing kinesiology nor did I quite understand what it was.


From the very moment of arrival Esther was very welcoming. Her warm and caring personality made it easy to open up, as a self-confessed introvert it was easy to talk to her. 


She had incredible insight of what needed healing after our consultation and was able to articulate the connection between mind, body & spirit. Not only did I learn something new, but it was truly a fascinating experience. Pain that was around my neck for months without knowing why, went away after seeing Esther. 


I cannot recommend her services enough.

Review, by  Paloma Gabriela - Reiki Healer 


Client Testimonial
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Nance Chien  

I had such a wonderful healing session with Esther. Her unwavering support and helpful approach, have been instrumental in my healing journey. I also work as a hypnotherapist dealing with the subconscious, but I had more parts of me to work on. Esther’s unique approach tailors to each clients’ need. She knows exactly what is needed for me. She used a combination of muscle testing, acupressure and breathwork to release the imbalanced emotions and beliefs that was holding me back.


She is very knowledgeable about the mind-body connections, and she helped me release the aching and sore feeling in the lower left side of my back and stomach region. She is so supportive in listening to my concerns and guided me through the whole process with ease. I knew there was a block or a pattern holding me back from living and feeling 100% myself. I have tried many methods and modalities of healing throughout the years, but I can guarantee, this is the one that hits home. Esther was able to pinpoint my emotions, physical ache and connect to the cause, which is a series of incidents that accumulated in my early childhood, that I had not thought about for years. I feel so much more confident after the powerful release. I am so grateful and I highly recommend her sessions! 

Henna Sirniö

I literally felt Esther's warm-hearted energy the moment I stepped into her clinic. I was coming straight from work and I was still stressed. But when we started the session after a couple of minutes I was totally calm. In that point I was already totally amazed. Relaxing never been that easy for me. And this was only the start! It was just getting better.  Because of traumatic experiences during my childhood I've been anxious and afraid my whole life, but just only having one session with Esther made me feel so much better. After the session I was so relieved that I couldn't hold my tears of joy. It is hard to describe how grateful I am to Esther and I can't recommend her enough!!! She definitely has a gift and passion to help people. The whole session was so powerful, magical and absolutely life changing for me.

Esther is exceptional! I have had kinesiology before and love the experience. Esther took me on an experience of kinesiology that was beyond anything I expected or knew of. She is very knowledgeable, wise and insightful, and creative in her approach. If you haven't experienced a session with Esther yet, then you must give it a go! If you have already, then I'm sure you'll be wanting to go back for more!! The healing session I experienced was gentle and deep, took me into a place of bliss and inner peace. I left feeling renewed and in touch with forgotten and neglected aspects of myself that were reintegrated. 

Thank you Esther. I appreciate you!

Arakah Guo Siyun 

Esther is very enthusiastic in her healing work. I feel very comfortable and safe with her. She allows me to better understand the nature of my being and a clearer picture of issues I am going through. I feel so at peace with myself after the healing session with her. Also experiencing increasing clarity and confidence in my everyday life. In addition, she even tells me the things I can do to help myself. Esther is definitely a practitioner who you can trust and confine in.  ‪

‪Thanks very much Esther for our empowering healing session! 


Esther is a very compassionate and gifted human being, with remarkable counselling skills. Her Art Therapy sessions have represented a positive personal shift during a difficult time. I also had the pleasure to experience Kinesiology with her, which also supported me and enriched me with lots of insights. Through her ability and knowledge in different techniques she can assist your healing journey in a unique way.

Ilenia Piovesan


Kinesiology Transformation Session (ONLINE)   

From Sophie Thomas

Owner of Sacred Convergence 

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Amanda Jayne Vass - Kinesiologist and Spiral practitioner 

Thank you Esther for a powerful healing session. You are so knowledgeable and thorough with your work. I can sense how passionate you are at helping people heal. You helped me re-remember the lack of self-love I’ve had for myself, which has been deeply linked to my confidence and how I’ve been showing up. Your words of wisdom resonated deeply and I could notice shifts in my awareness days later. Thank you so much for your magic and beautiful heart Esther.


Finding Esther and her services to assist me with managing my chronic pain and health issues has been an absolute delight. Esther is extremely intuitive, grounding and goes deep to the core of healing issues in a holistic and practical way. I've spent a lifetime under the probes and practices of the western medical field which helps some but never has been able to provide me a complete scope of tools needed to really manage my symptoms. Working from the inside out, Esther provides a safe and professional space both physically and energetically. I've experienced some tremendous shifts and healing during my sessions that I've never experienced before coming away quite surprised. I recommend anyone experiencing chronic pain, health issues, IBS or anxiety to go see Esther or attend one of her workshops !

Before I met Esther, I struggled with chronic rhinitis. I was on antibiotics more than four times a year, had surgery on my ears and tonsil, and had tried every medical treatment available. After seeing numerous doctors and specialists, I was told over again that there was no way to cure my sinus issues and that I would simply have to live with the debilitating fatigue, nasal congestion, infection, viral infections and allergies that come with chronic rhinitis. I was given nasal sprays and more drugs than I can name. The drugs helped nothing and had more side effects than they were worth. In my first session with Esther she literally taught me how to clear my sinuses through simply adjusting my BREATHING. She gave me a breathing exercise to do daily that was uniquely catered to my specific chronic rhinitis. Since I've started adjusting my breath and doing the exercises given to me by Esther I have no way of saying this other than my symptoms literally vanished. Esther is nothing short of a gift from god. She has changed my life. Esther also addressed emotional and mental issues that I have been suffering with and has helped me in one session more than I have been helped in years of therapy. She showed me how the body is able to heal itself when given the correct tools. Seeing Esther is the best gift I have ever been given.

She is a miracle worker

Jennifer Palframan 

Esther was a total natural and I really enjoyed my reiki session with her. I could feel strong sensations, feelings of heat and movement throughout the session. She focussed on particular areas like my head, heart and knees and really helped to move and release that energy. After the session we had a discussion and everything she said seemed to align with the feelings I had in my body and the thoughts and memories that I had during the session. After the session I felt calm, clear and like some of my energy had been restored. Thank you Esther!


Kinesiology Express Session -  From Jingying Gao


Esther is amazing, she taught me techniques which has really helped me get through COVID 19 last year. It was a great experience and I would really recommend her service, even if you don't live in Australia.

Bar Nachman 


Kinesiology Transformation Session (online) -  From Medi Hour

Untitled design-3.png


Online Sessions

Just had an online session with Esther and it was fantastic. Esther was very clear and comforting and held space for me to express myself openly and freely. We dove deep and uncovered some important elements in my life that were holding me back. I am grateful for your session Esther and can't wait to catch you up with my progress.



Jasmine Smith 

WOW - I just had my first online session with Esther. I was not sure about how a Zoom session would look like with her in comparison to our face-to-face sessions....... It was mind blowing!!! I felt really supported talking with her; she gave me clarity to discover my limiting beliefs that I could not uncover by myself and helped rewire them with positive affirmations. 


Avigail Nasi 

I highly recommend Esther’s online Zoom sessions to anyone who is seeking to improve any aspect of your life. I know Esther’s work will help you, as it helped transform my life in many ways! After having 8 sessions with her, it amazes me how much I have grown from working with her!  What I find most valuable is when she sends a PDF appointment summary with exercises for me practice at home to continue the healing, and shifts that took place during my session with her.

Francine El 

I had a session with Esther and she helped me uncover some things about myself that I wasn't fully aware of. It was great to further connect the dots of my healing journey. She also gave me some great advice and was very supportive and loving towards my situation. Esther is very intuitive and full of wisdom. I would highly recommend a session with her if you are into holistic healing! I've seen many healers over the span of 3 years and Esther was definitely up there with her knowledge and intent to heal others. She is genuine and you will leave her session knowing that you've really done something powerful for yourself in regards to healing.

Client Testimonial

Review by Ashleigh Grace – Model 

Having worked with Esther now a few times, I can honestly share that her kinesiology sessions are incredibly unique and insightful, and her approach is deeply intuitive - she clearly operates from deep embodiment of her craft and weaves together a myriad fusion of modalities centred around mind body medicine, to bring her full, and undivided presence into a session.

Our last 1:1 session (2021) was such a grounding, healing, and heart opening experience; working with Esther I feel safe, and come away feeling seen, heard and understood on a profound level due to her uniquely intuitive, yet equally light-hearted approach to her work. I’ve since worked with her at various online workshops she has conducted, as well as her in-person “Secrets To Manifestation” Masterclass workshop just recently.

Esther has the beautiful ability to sensitively guide me through deeper layers of my inner world and through this process, we were able to hear the soul messages that my higher self wanted me to hear, feel and express. The insights that come through are often profound, and quite healing on such a deep level; last session brought about some realisations from my childhood and youth, which assisted with integrating some messages that my inner child needed to hear.

It is clear that Esther channels her whole soul into her work, and journeys alongside you every step of the way during the session - ultimately to empower you to see more clearly the areas that need healing and attention in your life, to release limiting beliefs, CLEAR PAIN and to rewire your subconscious mind! I'm finding myself feeling a sense of deeper peace as I've been integrating lessons from our sessions so far, and really do appreciate.


Esther has a healing and empowering presence in my life's journey. I highly recommend her sessions and services as a Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine practitioner, Art Therapist, Theta and Reiki healer.



Esther has a wisdom beyond her years and an incredible ability to draw out the core emotions being experienced under the surface. She is genuinely caring and has a passion for helping others, and it really comes through in a session with her.


Jaks Watters 



Where to start? Esther and her work are absolutely amazing. I've done one kinesiology session with her and it unlocked so much. It is so easy to talk to her, she is compassionate, she knows how to hold space, she is so intuitive. She guides but let's you have the control of the pace and direction of the session. I've realised what limiting beliefs and thoughts were holding me down, and we also worked on some chronic shoulder pain I always had. I cannot recommend her enough, she is an amazing healer.

I highly recommended Esther, she's a very kind and compassionate practitioner. She has helped me through many emotional blocks as well as sleep issues. I always enjoy my sessions with Esther and always leave feeling relaxed and lighter.

Selenge SteppeYoga

I had a oracle card reading session with Esther. She has a wonderful ability to help you find crystal clear clarity the next step to take in life to help you move forward to your goals, hopes and dreams. I loved that she asked wonderful questions to help me connect to my own inner guidance which was really helpful. Thank you I recommend her services to friends and family

Highly recommend Esther's kinesiology online oracle card reading sessions! She holds a kind and intuitive space for you to come back to yourself, to gain further understanding about your body and thoughts! Thanks Esther!

Chun Loo


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