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This program is designed to break your limiting beliefs, habits and addictions that keep you stuck from reaching your potential


My role as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to train my clients’ to take control over their life through the power of their mind. My clients’ receive a lot of breakthroughs in their first session. However just like the gym if we only exercise your brain muscles once, it does not have long lasting powerful effect as having a consistent routine with someone helping you to achieve your goals, hopes and aspirations, whilst also keeping you accountable every step in your healing journey. To be your cheerleader, to celebrate your wins, to receive support in a non-judgmental environment where you feel safe to grow, honestly express your emotions and reach your highest potential. 



To understand how and why pain is created in your body 


What is contributing to the symptoms of your illness 

And how to empower you to cope and manage your symptoms 

Understanding what is blocking you to manifest abundance

Relationship patterns that keep on repeating itself

Manifesting your dream career and soulmate

Social, interpersonal skills, public speaking, and self-esteem

PTSD, phobias, cigarette, alcohol and drug addiction


Gut health and relationship with food

Needing tools and skills to manage stress, anxiety and chronic pain

To be more productive in all areas of your life - work, health, relationships, and social interactions

To ignite your creative genius and potential

Strengthening your intuition 


It makes such a difference to your quality of life when you have a mentor to facilitate this journey. Nobody should suffer in this world alone, which is why I was inspired to create this support program for you. By signing up to this program you will be gifted $30 off per session.  


  • This program includes a tailor-made treatment plan that I have written for you 

  • You will see me every 2 weeks where I will give you realistic goals to work on and achieve. 


  • Included with this program is a text message checking up on you and keeping you accountable for your actions. This will occur the week you don’t have a session with me.



A person who will do whatever it takes to break the habits that keeps them stuck from receiving the emotional, physical and financial abundance that they deserve. 



Which is why I have decided to create this 6-months program of 12 sessions.

It takes one step to change the trajection ~ in your life. 

By finally having the courage to reach out for help.


Looking forward to IGNITE your power. 


All my love, 


Esther ~ Power ~ Thoughts 

12 sessions with me adds up having 18 hours overcoming years of unconscious thought patterns and habits impacting you to reach your potential. I have divided this program into 12 sessions with me over 6 months so that you can form a new habit and replace an unhealthy habit you have being trying to conquer for years.  Such as continually manifesting toxic relationships, or your boss not appreciating you at work, constantly being tight with money, struggling with your health, unhealthy habits such as alcohol addiction, sleeping patterns, relationship with food, self-esteem, confidence, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.  

The heavy bricks that has been holding you back for years.

Are a heavy burden you have carried on your shoulders



It is time to take it off

Brick by brick, session by session

To finally free you from what is holding you back

From living your fullest expression of self,

From living a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Are you ready to experience a Magical ride of 12 sessions with me ?

Combining Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Art Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Chakra healing and Theta healing.


Each session will give you a deeper understanding of yourself.


And why you do the things you do.

AWARENESS is the steppingstone of change in your life.


My sessions are designed to help you understand the unconscious thoughts and habits that is blocking you from reaching your potential.

To make the unconscious, conscious.

It is time to take off all the heavy bricks you have carried your whole entire life to find your true essence.

Whilst those bricks served you in the past it no longer serves you now


This program is a wonderful gift for yourself of acts of self-love and self-care


Telling the universe my health matters, my mind matters, my life matters. And I am willing to invest in my health and wellbeing. Uplevel my quality of life and the way I perform at work, the way I interact with my friends and family.


A person who is tired of settling for less

A person who is committed and invested in their healing journey



  • Every 3 sessions you pay upfront.

  • Each session I charge $230

  • 3 times 1.5 hrs – Kinesiology Transformation Sessions  = $690

  • Package deal fee for 3 sessions =   $600 saving $90

  • Which also includes a complementary 20 Minute phone healing first session you book valued at $60

  • And ability to attend your first online womens circle with me for free worth $30

  • Finishing this program you will receive a certificate and a surprise gift from me