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1) When you have listened to the doctor,

2) Taken pain killers

3) Gone to physical therapists

4) And have done all the exercises under the sun to relieve tension in your body

When your body doesn’t believe it is safe. Which activates your central nervous system, governing our flight, fight and freeze response, tensing our respiratory rate, heart and muscles. It doesn’t matter how many pain killers you take, healthiest diet you have, how many physical therapists you go to on a weekly basis to release the tension you are experiencing in your body.

Your body will still be in Pain because it still thinks it is in danger.

Because you have not worked on why your body is not feeling safe in your world.

You haven’t worked on the stored stress and trauma that is locked in your cell tissues, organs and muscles waiting to be expressed and acknowledged.


For example

~ Shoulder Pain = It could be stress at work, feeling like a huge weight of worry is on your shoulders maybe it is the welfare of your kids, spouse, wife or business.

~Lower Back Pain = Feeling lack of emotional, physical or financial support in your world and that you don’t belong.

~Jaw pain = Repressed anger, feeling stagnant and stuck in your life

~Neck Pain = Feeling you can’t express your truth to the world

~ Stomach Pain = Feeling lack of nourishment and an imbalance of giving and receiving in your world

~ Heart Pain = Feeling lack of joy, connection, or intimacy

I empower my clients with the tools and skills to have a dialogue and relationship towards pain, instead of hiding from it.


It is about having the courage and bravery to seek support from a professional therapist, in my case a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Kinesiologist. To finally be empowered to have a deeper understanding of the root cause of your pain and why it is manifesting as tension in your body. And figure out tools and skills on how to manage your symptoms so it does not have to impact on your day.

My role as a holistic health practitioner is not to diagnose and label your symptoms.

My role is to understand your symptoms

And how the stressors in your life is manifesting into an emotional or physical ailment.

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