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PAIN – You were a great excuse when I didn’t want to socialise

PAIN - You where there for me when I overcommitted to my schedule and had to experience you again and stop everything I do and attend to your needs

PAIN – You taught me how to honour my body with a healthy diet, exercise, sleeping patterns and friends

PAIN – You taught me resilience

PAIN – You taught me acceptance

PAIN – You taught me patience

PAIN – You taught me how to listen to my body

PAIN – You taught me all types of meditation and yoga stretches

PAIN – You made me read all the books I can manifest about this topic

PAIN – You have made me so humble, you made me understand and empathise other people’s pain

PAIN – You have given me a mission

THAT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SUFFER FROM THIS CONDITION ALONE Which is why I have dedicated so many hours learning about the musculoskeletal system, but simultaneously the body psychology behind pain

PAIN - You have become my best teacher

PAIN – You have made me into the healer I am today

PAIN – Thank you, thank you, thank you YOU have turned my life upside down, but if I could turn back time I wouldn’t change any scene of my life’s journey.

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