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Manifestation Workshop 

Thank you Susan Edelstein for your beautiful TESTIMONIAL of my Manifestation Workshop.  Esther invited me today, to her gorgeous event. Was such a stunning 3 hours of beautiful people we absorbed unbelievable knowledge from Esther who is a fabulous teacher and incredibly talented. 

We did Acupressure Yoga manifestation exercises bringing in what we want to happen in 2021 with guided meditation relaxation and sound healing. 

If you want to get rid of anxiety and pain, I highly recommend Esther she is beyond talented, thank you I am so grateful and blessed to have spent time in a loving space. 

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If like my previous self you happen to wondering what the acupressure yoga masterclass are like, and weather it's worth you taking the time from your Sunday afternoons? Let me have you rest assured that they are exceptionally high quality, carefully handcrafted and without a doubt will leave you feeling refreshed and spiritually fulfilled, if that is what you were after. I myself have found that my mood significantly improves after a nice and relaxing session with Esther and I find myself looking forward to next class on a regular basis. Esther puts in so much thought and effort into the classes and if you ever have the privilege of participation in one of the classes I'm certain that you'd realise how apparent it really is.

Itai Kay 

Esther is very enthusiastic in her healing work. I feel very comfortable and safe with her. She allows me to better understand the nature of my being and a clearer picture of issues I am going through. I feel so at peace with myself after the healing session with her. Also experiencing increasing clarity and confidence in my everyday life. In addition, she even tells me the things I can do to help myself. Esther is definitely a practitioner who you can trust and confides in  ‪


‪Thanks very much Esther for our empowering healing session 

Just joined Esther's Online Masterclass where I witnessed and felt the power of her intention as she 'plucked' the negative thought patterns out of each and every one of us as a collective. It was quite amazing to witness and be a part of. I would definitely recommend attending one of these classes and can see the benefit 1:1 consultations can bring.


Camellia Agnes Thistleton


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Review by Rich Lewis

Hi, so Esther is actually a good friend of mine and whenever we see one another she pretty much only ever talks about her work.  I unfortunately happen to be a perfect subject for her as I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 16 years now.


 I don't usually go to people that haven't been highly recommend but as she is a friend, I thought I would give her a go and to be honest wasn't really expecting much. During COVID 19 we had a 90 min zoom session and it took me a while to get in to it but that's because I struggle to get comfortable with my pain levels.  I found it helpful but I wasn't completely sold on the idea she could help me. I then done a couple of other zoom sessions with someone else and felt no better at all so I knew that Esther had done something to help me cope with the pain. 


It wasn't until I attend to her Acupuncture Yoga Masterclasses that I really started to notice just how special Esther is and that all the passion and hours of studying she has put into to devise her own program was actually something so different to anything I had ever experienced and I left the class feeling so much lighter and happier. 


It was a strange but amazing experience. Being a long-term sufferer of chronic pain of course my pain levels are not going to change overnight but the positive feeling. I got from leaving her class and the excitement I have for the next class has left me feeling really confident that my anxiety and pain levels will definitely decrease. I am already using some of the things she taught us in class at home and it makes me feel so much more at ease. 


I would recommend her to anyone that suffers with pain or any kind of mental blockages which to be fair in this day and age is pretty much most of the population.  I find that so many people do sessions that everyone else has done and they all learn from the same little black book but Esther has studied this subject on a whole new level and I truly believe she is on to something revolutionary.


 Thank Esther for the hours and months of hard work that you have put in to 

devise this unique class and I literally can't wait until the next one. 

Lilach Gradient


Review by Tina Poeltl

I LOVE Esther Power Thoughts holistic service because:


~Esther is authentically herself, which shines through magically in her work. Understanding her own generational trauma and family, society and cultural imposed feelings of 'not good enough', she has done and continues to do the self-work in her own understanding, love and liberation. 


~She understands and is educated in somatic therapy, meaning the underlying imbalance in the body and mind that is creating pain. She is a qualified kinesiologist 


~Emotional Intelligence (understanding and perhaps even feeling an emotion, but not letting it take control of our rational selves) is used consistently in her work. 


~Esther fills her own self-love cup every day and for two hours before each master class to help her fine tune her mind, body and soul before teaching others about health and balance. 


~I have casually followed Esther’s journey for several months, and attended her self love workshop and the most wonderful thing about Esther Power Thoughts for me is: She is herself. She loves herself. This real authenticity is gaining momentum in humanity and I applaud this woman for leading others this way. 


Thanks Esther

A different, unique and beautiful masterclass with Esther that brought me back on how to practice positivity, which influences our lives ... definitely will do it again... and the masterclasses are a must try.


Review by Zin Eldeeb


I left Esther’s Masterclass feeling blissed out and in a very peaceful state, it was very interesting to learn about the acupressure point, how to work with them and see allot of energy being released. Esther has a lot of knowledge and a beautiful energy. I would definitely recommend others to attend her masterclasses, also because you can take with you what you have learned and use it in your own time.


Review by Federica Zanin

I had a wonderful online session with Esther. I joined her Aura Cleanse workshop online and I absolutely loved it! All the healing practices made me feel really relaxed and aligned with my energy! She’s great and professional and I highly recommend her work! 



Review by Sarah Suassuna

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Estherrrrrrrrrr, I really, really, really, really, really, really enjoyed yesterday. I think it was my favourite workshop I done in a long time. 



Review - Anonymous

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