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Updated: May 10, 2021

“between stimulus and response there is a gap and within that gap lies our freedom.”

Blaming others for our thoughts and feelings in our lives takes our own power away. By placing the responsibility onto them, instead of ourselves makes us a victim to our own fate where we perceive that there is no possibility to change our current circumstance. Not realizing that this is a thought in itself, and we have 1000 other thoughts we can choose to think instead in that moment. Of course, not trying to convey accepting a person’s negative, or unjust behaviour, but not allowing it to defeat you. The fact a holocaust survivor Victor Frankl inspiringly wrote this, who had every excuse under the sun to question god and humanity. How much more so we can apply this to our lives! It is the meaning that we ascribe to an event that determines whether we allow it to make us, or break us.

‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ a highly recommended book to read.

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