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Why is it important to connect with your feminine energy

THE FEMININE ENERGY –  Is connected with your heart.


When we are connected with our heart we are connected to our core self.


That means our intuition is strong !


Have you heard of the term females are very intuitive.


This is why .


They are more connected to their emotions.


They are connected to their body.


That means they have the ability to rest and recover when their body needs it.


Symptoms of a blocked feminine energy according to Chinese philosophy .


✨Pain on your left side

✨Menstruation, fertility, self-love and boundaries

✨Exhaustion, heat, restlessness, insomnia, shivers, or fevers

✨Throws of bedclothes, dry skin, likes cold drinks

✨loud voice and talks a lot, course breathing and digestive issues.


Emotionally it relates to


💗Not connected to core self, heart, female energy


💗Repressed emotion, stuck, preoccupied with others at the expense of myself


💗Restless, hot, feel busy but get little done.


💗Cant nurture self. I focus on what I do rather then who I am.


💗I have to keep going. Anxious. Overly intense lifestyle.


If you are finding your feminine energy is out of sync .


Reach out for a Kinesiology Transformation session .


Combining my knowledge from many different healing philosophies from around the world such as Chinese Philosophy, Theta Healing, Kabbala Healing, Chakra Healing and Ancient tantric practices.


To finally heal your feminine 🌷 side which has a huge impact in your ability to manifest your desires.







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