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Science proves we only use 5% of our brain consciously every single day and the rest is unconscious. Have you ever thought about the thousands of daily thoughts running around in your head? Are they negative thoughts? If so, where did these negative thoughts come from? How and why did you adopt them? My role as a holistic health practitioner is to facilitate awareness of these thoughts. My aim is to empower you to take back control of your thoughts, emotions, actions and life. 

This is why my practice is called Esther Power Thoughts.  


Together we will create powerful affirmations that will help to rewire your subconscious mind for success in all areas in your life: emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Let me help you in this journey now!  

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Rewire your Subconscious Mind with Success Patterns


In my therapy I draw upon a humanistic and psycho-spiritual approach to counselling, which has been inspired by Carl Rogers and Carl Jung who introduced the concept of bridging the world’s spiritual traditions to modern psychology. This enables you to take a step back and reflect on the deeper meaning behind your life’s journey where you will have the opportunity to rewrite the story that holds you back from living your truest potential.  

I offer Kinesiology 

Kinesiology directly communicates with your body through muscle monitoring, helping me to access subconscious information, as a result personal stressors that can cause disease or mental illness can be quickly identified. This therapeutic process empowers you to develop skills that allow you to better understand your body both internally and externally, as well as the root cause behind your behaviours and symptoms. Kinesiology allows you to have a deeper understanding of how you function in the world, paving a path of realignment with your emotional and physical wellbeing. 


I offer Mind Body Medicine 

Mind Body Medicine treats the body as a whole, by addressing the full and complex needs of an individual, taking into account the physical, emotional, and environmental contributions towards a disease. This gives me the ability to treat an issue from all angles and slowly piece together the dots of what has created the dysfunction in your life.  

I offer Art Therapy

Art therapy provides a safe and nurturing environment to externalise your emotions that may be difficult to verbalise through words. The mind (gestalt brain) mainly recalls memory through images and not words, thus needing a vehicle to be able to express itself such as meditation, bodywork and art.  This therapy gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore your inner landscape and reach the deepest parts of your subconscious mind to unlock your inner wisdom. Helping you to shift whatever block you are going through in life, whether it is in your career, health and relationships. 

I offer Theta Healing 


A powerful therapuetic modality to help me understand the root cause of your limiting beliefs and heal it through the Theta state. I have had clients come to me say feeling like they had 10 therapy sessions all in one by combining this therapy in my private practice. Through accessing the Theta brain wave, similar to Hypnotherapy I am able to create physical, psychological and spiritual transformations

in all areas of your life. 


I offer Reiki Healing 


This healing modality will help me clear your physical energy, aura and realign your chakra system. It is as if your whole entire nervous system has had a huge car wash. Making you feel energised and refreshed after a long day at work with more clarity with what you need to shift in your life. 

What I am trained to help with is wellbeing and performance in all areas of life 


Including:  Chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, postural correction, anxiety, stress management, trauma, PTSD, social and interpersonal skills, self-esteem, skin disorders, sleep disorders, phobias, addictions and gut health


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Kinesiology Transformation Session (face to face) -  From Sarah Suassuna 

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