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What is Transformation ?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

How can you turn one of your biggest challenges in your life into a spiritual awakening.

For example a break up.

BOOM – Your heart is torn open.

All of a sudden your reality changes one second you think you are going to spend your whole life with that special someone but then reality turns around and bites you in the neck.

Life throws us many curveballs

But it is how you respond to the curve balls is what makes a huge difference.

The people in our life are designed to be there with exact precision and perfection and there is nothing random. The child you birth, the sister that you have and parents you are born into. Why you are working in a toxic environment. Why your boss does not give you a raise even though you work harder than your colleagues.

It is about asking what it is within myself that is creating my reality.

Why do I have the family I have ?

What have they taught me ?

What are the challenges that they are giving me that I need to overcome ?

This is why you came down to earth is to overcome that challenge.

In kabbalistic terms it is called Tikkun.

If you don’t overcome that challenge no matter where you go your challenge will follow you until you finally overcome it.

In my Kinesiology Transformation sessions.

Where I incorporate many healing philosophies from around the world such as the Chakra system, Chinese philosophy, Theta and Kabbala healing to understand your Tikkun and teach you how to Master your Tikkun with a specialised treatment plan.

I call my sessions working more on a soul level.

It is a very magical journey and feel so blessed to share this powerful work to my clients.

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