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Does giving a session drain me ?

I always have my clients ask if I get drained when they share with me their past wounds, pain and trauma.


As a therapist in many healing disciplines where I have learnt client centred counselling skills and the boundaries between a client and practitioner.

If I take on board my clients’ stories,

Then I am not professional in the session, I am not able to provide a proper healing and be a witness to their story.

It is very powerful to have a healer that is trained

To not collude in your story and journey of life.

But rather to help guide you on how to empower yourself from past traumas.

That can’t happen if I become emotional.

I can empathise and have compassion with your story but sympathising is very unhealthy when it comes to a therapeutic dynamic.

It is very important as a client to pinpoint and assess is the therapist colluding in my story or is she empowering me in my life’s journey.

I will like to thank all my clients’ who felt safe enough to share with me things that they would not feel comfortable sharing with even their own friends and family.

I treat it with outmost respect and honour.

For willing to journey deep within your soul and address the shadow.

Which is when the real healing starts.

So very excited to continue helping women Transform their PAIN into power in this new year

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