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Mind Body Connection towards Diseases

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Kinesiology combines Western medicine to Eastern medicine. Not to mistaken that we involve a religion to our therapy, but rather use ancient healing traditions from around the world that is accessible for anyone to learn and grow from. We use Chinese philosophy through the acupuncture system and Buddhism through the Chakra system. It fascinates me how each religion has something special and unique to offer to the world.I feel very honored and humbled as a therapist to have studied these philosophies, as it has given me so much insight about the human psyche and how to refine and improve one’s character.

It has helped me to decode the mind body connection towards diseases.

For example when a client comes to me because of digestion issues, I will instantly know that I will have to focus on the spleen and stomach ✨ meridian channel which falls under the Earth channel in Chinese philosophy. What do we receive from Earth = Food, which provides vitamins and nutrients to nourish our body, without it we would die.

But on a psychological level. If we do not feel nourished within, loved, or supported in our world. We tend to seek something external to fill the void and emptiness, such as drugs, alcahole, cigerates, toxic relationships, or food.

Before I even hold the acupuncture points, I discuss with my client the psychology behind the earth channel, providing a wonderful opportunity for them to create meaning to their physical ailment, which is the steppingstone for real change and transformation in all areas of their life emotionally, physically and spiritually. Afterwards I then channel a specialized guided meditation in regards to what was discussed during the session while holding the acupuncture point with essential oils, crystals, and breathwork to further enhance the healing that they receive from the session.

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