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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

It takes true strength and vulnerability. To address areas in your life that is causing you pain. In my Kinesiology Transformation sessions, Why my clients feel so liberated after their session ? Is because we address their wounds, their limiting beliefs and traumas. That is holding them back from living their potential. I train them how to sit in their discomfort whether it is Pain in their body, Pain from their past, Pain from relationship dysfunctions and breakups. By teaching them skills to witness what is going on their body! Is where the healing and transformation occurs. Our muscles holds memories, It is incredible to witness how physical tension in my clients’ bodies is finally being released when we tap into what the body is trying to express with the pain. And what past memories and traumas they are still holding onto. Helping me to unravel unconscious belief patterns my client is programmed with and to finally heal it and let it go. In my sessions healing occurs not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional, psychological and energetic level. Which is why I call my sessions magical. Are you ready to experience magic in your life ?

Reach out to me for a session.

Either through my email

Or MOBILE = 0416 188 553

~ Esther Power Thoughts ~ Transforming ~ Your ~ Pain ~ Into ~ Power ~ Shadow ~ Work

~ Inner ~ Child ~ Work ~ Healing ~ Letting ~ go ~ Of ~ The ~ Past ~ Pain

~ Trauma ~ Limiting ~ Beliefs

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