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Manifestation Vision Board – Workshop 

Secrets to Manifestation


Ladies; is this the year you manifest your dream partner, relationship, clients, career and friendships? The power is all in your hands it is about being an open channel so the universe can enter your life, instead of trying to control everything. This is not just a vision board workshop your facilitators Esther and Amanda are going to prepare you before you create your vision board through a special guided meditation to help you be clear with what you would like to manifest for the new year and then embodying it through guided dance therapy.  This manifestation workshop also includes a powerful breathwork exercise and Kinesiology manifestation exercise to help you understand what is blocking you to achieve the abundance that you deserve. 


In this manifestation vision board workshop include practices of 


  • Kinesiology


  • Sound healing, 


  • Reiki healing 


  • Guided meditation


  • Movement dance therapy 


  • Kundalini Breathwork exercise 


  • 1 hr to create your vision board 


  • Art material: such a scissors, glue, paper and magazines are already provided


  • Tea healing ceremony from Miss Camellia tea whilst creating your vision board


  • Intimate sharing circle to close the workshop.  





What is so powerful about this manifestation workshop is you can take your vision board with you after the workshop and hang it on your wall. Which gives you an opportunity to continue visualising your dreams on a daily basis. It is scientifically proven we use 5% of our brain consciously and the rest is unconscious by having your positive visual affirmations to start your day will quicken your process to manifest your dreams. 


  • The vision board will also help you document what you learnt from the workshop 


  • And a reminder of the beautiful memories and ahuuuuu moment you received from the workshop 


  • Meditating on your vision board before you start the day allows the energy of the manifestation workshop that you had with Amanda and Esther to continue during your day.


  • You will start to notice how much more happier you feel by choosing to start the day on a positive note by meditating on your vision board. YOUR FUTURE INSTEAD OF THE PAST. 





 A 3 hr healing container to prepare yourself for the new year 


 You will learn the secret manifestation formula by Esther and Amanda to start the new year powerfully 


An opportunity to have heartfelt and deep meaningful connections along your process


 We`ll provide manifesting tea elixir and nourishing healthy snacks






*Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier


*Please bring your own water bottle;


*Wear comfy and cozy clothes;


* Free parking is readily available at Waverley Council Chambers


*You are welcome to bring your own magazines if you want



We look forward to connect with our soul tribe soon! 


With love and light  - Amanda and Esther 

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