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Paying attention to your inner child that had the natural ability to have joy over the simple things in life. Felt free to be itself, walk even naked, play with the sand in the park, do arts in crafts, dance freely, felt free to eat whatever it wanted without the concept of calories, diet, restrictions of what to eat. What happened to this inner child that stopped feeling safe to express itself, that felt self-conscious about its weight and physical appearance. THIS IS NOT YOU These insecurities is what you started to adopt and believe. It’s time to reclaim your power and peal all the limiting beliefs that you received growing up and come back to your inner child which is your pure essence/soul who is yearning to be expressed, acknowledged, and healed.


✨It can be in the morning looking at your eyes in the mirror the soul that shines out that has been yearning to be seen, felt and heard for who it is AND SAY I LOVE YOU ✨It can be going out in nature, holding yourself and say I have your back ✨It can be activating your creativity through arts and crafts ✨It can be simply going to the beach and getting ice scream ✨It can be making a silly face to brighten up the day ✨It can be moving your body and dancing ✨It can be singing your favourite song ✨It can be simply just being If you would like to learn more self-love and self-care rituals to heal your inner child reach out to me for an Art Therapy session.

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